Moesha Boduong’s P.A, Samuel Nelson leaked an Audio recording

In a new twist secret recording between Moesha Bodoung’s personal assistant, Samuel Nelson and Salma Mumin have been leaked online with Nelson blowing the cover.
Samuel Nelson revealed a secret of his boss to Salma with many interesting revelations and allegations
In the leaked audio.

Revelations and allegations

1.Nelson claimed that Moesha had many sugar daddies. Some in Ghana and Nigeria. Those in Nigeria are a pastor and senator and also claimed that Moesha Boduong’s predicament could be attributed to an occult ritual she witnessed via WhatsApp call with her Nigerian sugar daddy.

2.Nelson also claimed that Moesha used to induce bloggers with money for them to paint other celebrities black.
3.Among the many things he said about Moesha, from burning over GHC50,000 cash, giving out most of her personal belongings because of the fear of losing her life after an encounter with an occultic Nigerian Senator, and so on, he also described Moesha as a loose talker.

4.He said Moesha is an extremely jealous and unstable-minded person as of now.

5.Nelson claims that Moesha’s dollar account has zero balance. According to him, Moesha emptied the account and donated most f the money to a church.


6.Among other things, Nelson made some wild allegations about the actress and claimed she had been cured for supposedly sleeping with married men.

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