Julius Kojo Antwi-Mr. Music Man

Julius Kojo Antwi “Mr. Music Man” is one of Ghana’s most successful singers and also in Africa. A musician with a career spanning over 2 decades he established himself as a consummate vocalist; a prolific songwriter and a gifted producer.

As an Ashanti native but born and grew up in the Darkman a suburb of Accra.

Kojo Antwi Biography, Age, Early Life, Family, and Education.

Kojo Antwi started out as a singer in a group band called: Boomtalents. He later joined another band called Classique Handel.
He became the front-man of the then newly formed Classique Handel’s later Classique Vibes.
Kojo went solo after and his first album ‘All I need is you’ in 1986 became a classical hit in Ghana.

Julius Kojo Antwi won numerous Ghana Music Awards and international awards like Best Male Artist from West Africa, at the 2003 All Africa Music Awards, Our Music Award, Kora Award, West Africa Tourism award among many others

Presently Antwi now pursues a solo career singing reggae in his native Twi.

Present: Corona Virus ( Covid Festival) December 2020
The legendary Ghanaian musician initially decided to hold on with the annual ritual of the music festival because of the pandemic but he believes with or without Covid-19, love should prevail.
Kojo Antwi stated: “Love in the social distance edition”.Thursday, December 24 in Accra and subsequently in Kumasi and Sunyani.

Awards: Millennium Excellence Awards July 2021

Millennium Excellence Awards decorated him with the prize for Music and Entertainment Personality at presented to the singer at a ceremony at Manhyia Palace in Kumasi at the weekend.
The Millennium Excellence Foundation criteria was Kojo Antwi’s recognition of Mr. Music Man’s leadership and contribution to music and national development
Asked if he intends to revel awhile in perhaps one of the biggest moments of his career, a modest Kojo Antwi smiled, checked himself, and flowed expectedly. “If you mean whether I’m happy for the honor, of course, I’m happy and grateful. But if you mean whether I’m going to get swollen-headed by it, my answer is a big No!”


Kojo has been successfully married for several years to his wife Rocklyn Antwi

Studio albums

All I Need is You (1986)

Anokye (1989)

Mr Music Man (1992)

Groovy (1994)

To Mother Afrika (1995)

Superman (1998)

Afrafra (1999)

Don’t Stop the Music (2000)

Akuaba (2000)

Densu (2002)

Alpha (Compilation) (2003)

Tattoo (2006)

Mwaaah! (2009)

Discography his songs for your ears.

Groovy Album

Makuma Doctor
Me Ni Wu Ara
Odofopa Hu Yena
Best Shot
I’m Coming Home
Say a little prayer for the world
Ponko Abo Dam

Love Classics

Yasaase: Kojo Antwi | Unorthodox Reviews
Odo Maayea
Medofo Pa
Me Nya Ntaban A
Bomi Nkomo De
Ma Ndaada Me
Hini Me
Dadie Anoma
Makoma Doctor
Baa Sumo Mi
Me Nko Meda
Mr Music Man

Odo Maayea
Me-Enaada Me
Mr. Music Man
Time Cant Heal My Pain
Nice and Show
Odasani (Eni Yen Enne)

Happy Anniversary
Sho ‘Naa
Ice Cold
Eye Candy (Mpompo)
Me Mmo
Mesan Aba
So Wonderful
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (Akwaaba)
We De Kan Ko a


Kojo Antwi Densu
Mfa Me Nkoho
Me Die Ne Woa
Oni Bi Adamfo
Spread His love
Odo Ano Wappi
How Long
Odo Nsa Ano Wappi

afrafra kojo antwi
Pour Some Sugar
Odo Ye de Sin Sika
Emeri Bi Bebe
Dadie Anoma
Bome Nkomo De
Hini Me
Besa Adowa
Asem Bisa
Fa No Saa
Me Ne Woa
Abofra Bo Ngwa
Dadie Anoma
Odo Ye De
Don’t Stop The Music

My Shinning Star
Good Morning
Babylon the Great Shall Fall
Heart of Stone
Don’t Stop the Music
Bomi Nkomo De
Momma Yendodo Yeho
Rise And Shine
Cool Running


Dadie Anoma
Baa Sumo me
Boogie Afrika
Ye Gumu Nsa
Onipa Odo Me
Supremo – Single

Kojo Antwi, who performed at the Millennium Excellence Awards ceremony, in Kumasi in July was among 60 African laureates awarded this year

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