Hajia Bintu :Naomi Asiamah’s Fame

Hajia bintu biography

Ghanaian social media tick-tock influencer Hajia Bintu also known as Naomi Asiamah was a student of Koforidua Technical University which is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Naomi’s curriculum was comprised of food Technology and Hospitality as a course at Koforidua Technical University.

Hajia Bintu on TikTok
The Ghanaian socialite shot into fame after posting dozens of videos on the social media app TikTok.

Hajia whose beautiful body shape and well-endowed physique propelled her to fame shared a photo from her younger days when she was still in school to debunk recent rumors that she had surgery on her body to answer a question about her assets which has been going viral most often.

Young Hajia-Bintu
Young Hajia-Bintu

Hajia-Bintu Now at Coco Vanilla

Hajia Bintu is on Instagram and her handle name is @hajiabintughana. She recently updates her pictures every week with at least one new post for her followers almost reaching one million, understandable since she mainly became popular as a tick-tock star.

Hajia Bintu Real Age

Her Date of birth is on November 30. Her date of birth has not been revealed but she is likely to be in her mid 20’s.

Net worth, Career, and Living

Hajia Bintu is a Ghanaian TikTok Star whose net worth is above the 100,000 dollar mark. As a popular brand influencer, make-up artist, model, and businesswoman she sells products online. She focused mostly on waist trainers. She also does infomercials for companies in the food and clothes industry.

Hajia Bintu photos

Hajia bintu and Shatta Wale

Ghana dance hall music artiste Shatta Wale recently dropped a new track song titled ‘Hajia Bintu” which has been inspired by the TikTok star who was well featured in the official music video to the song.

The song portrays Hajia as another man’s girlfriend in the video, whiles Shatta sings praises about her and tries to get her number. In the end the Boyfriend storms off angry with a giggling Shatta rushing indoors in laughter fit with his friend after collecting her number.

The meeting between the TikTok star and the Ghanaian dancehall act has stirred a bit of controversy on social media since there seemed to be some real-life chemistry between the Dancehall king and the Tick Tock influencer.

The music can be downloaded in MP3 in Apple music store or on SoundCloud.

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