Arinola Olowoporoku of Big Brother Nigeria Season 6

About Arin Family
Beautiful Arin was born in Lagos State, Nigeria in the year 1992 to Yoruba parents. Arin was raised in a polygamous family where her father had other wives.

Arin, the 29-year-old Nigerian dislikes bullies and reiterated that she wanted her fans to know. Arin believes one of her dark sides is turning into a bully. She does not see herself as a bully but can turn into one when pushed.


BBNaija Arin’s net worth is pending since an estimate is to be made. She may be a winner of the big brother Nigeria show and would receive more money than her usual job as the Naija show progresses.

We wish Arin success on the show and hope she gets on well with her fellow housemates

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